1888 SETS

In 1888 the Admiralty decided to use tinned copper rivets wherever possible in Naval sets replacing stitching that could rot in seawater so all of the 1880 items were revised to a riveted manufacture, this rework constituted a seperate pattern but technology overtook it as the next pattern followed within two years so in effect this became a transitional set and although the patterns were sealed and approved for manufacture the 1888 set was barely produced apart from the waistbelts and frogs, the official term "sea service" was dropped for this and all subsequent sets which became "Naval patterns"

Mk II Enfield B.L. holster.

Mk II Enfield B.L. revolver ammunition pouch.

A rivet version of the 18 round revolver pouch was introduced along with this set for the Coast Guard (which at the time was run by the Admiralty), it was both for the Adams with an internal tin or for the Enfield B.L. with tin and false bottom removed.

The strong and handsome Mk II pouch waistbelt employed twenty eight rivets and would be used on the following 1890 sets.

1888 belt front 1888 belt open

The Mk II cutlass belt would be recast as the sole belt for the 1901 pattern.

1888 cutlass belt 1901

A new type of braces were developed following the Army white pattern, they were split three ways from a large brass ring yet retained the brass stud arrangement.

A Mk II riveted kneepad for riflemen was part of this pattern, examples were seen on 1890 sets.

Mk II 20 round ammunition pouch.

A Mk III 30 round ammunition pouch.

Mk II ammunition bag

The carrier, water bottle, Italian. long, brown, Naval, Mk II.

The "strap short brown leather water bottle Mk II" was easy to open but you had to twist the stopper first, this was produced  briefly for the 1890 set until the Oliver bottles were used up or replaced.

The Mk III all rivet frog.

1888 MkIII frog 

Suprisingly the rarely seen belt intrenching tool implement frog was also given the rivet treatment as was the strap with stud (naval) version both becoming Mk II versions in Loc 5540.